The Principle Tenets of Freemasonry – Truth

Jesus Hernandez Fremasonry


Truth is the opposite of falsehood. When a person’s word is as good as his bond, he is classified as being truthful. To be good and true is one of the first lessons we are taught in Masonry. Unless a person has a reputation for being truthful, he is not normally qualified to become a member of our order. Truthfulness is one of the fundamental requirements of good citizenship. Without truth there would be no foundation for trust and fellowship. Freemasonry’s Motto is; “Let There Be Light.” In this sense truth has a much deeper meaning. In Masonry there is a never-ending search for more truth and light. There is a great storehouse of truth for every Mason to explore. It cannot be transferred from person to person in the same manner in which we communicate our ritual, and our secrets. It must be found by personal search. To each person it presents a different interpretation. With this in mind we urge you to consider carefully the teachings of the craft as you progress in your Masonic Journey.