Lodge Information

The Mission of Masonry

To Make Good Men Better.

The Mission of Eugene Lodge #11

Our mission, is to make great men much better by cultivating, as well as promoting, a feeling of élan as well as friendship with various other Masons in their Lodges and also throughout the state. To advertise Lodge occasions that are well participated in and also thought about as terrific value by the participants; Eugene Masonic Lodge No. 11 is dedicated to giving inspiring education and learning programs that are both provocative as well as very anticipated by Lodge participants as well as youth teams.

Masonic Tenets

Freemasonry is built on 3 standard tenets or concepts - Brotherly Love, Relief as well as Truth. Brotherly Love is the adherence to the Golden Rule. Relief personifies charity for all the human race. Truth is sincerity, justice, and also adherence to the primary merits of Temperance, Determination, Prudence, and also Justice.

Eugene Masonic Lodge # 11 will certainly be acknowledged as an appropriate and reputable Fraternity, devoted to attracting, as well as preserving, all men of high-quality who pursue self-improvement and also the opportunity to make a favorable distinction in their community.

2021 Lodge Officers

Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Masonic Lodge Officer Obligations are exclusively reliant upon manajewelent.

Masonic Lodge Administration, as they relocate via the Masonic Officer Chairs, as in any kind of company, might not correctly work without a manajewelent group which gives Masonic Officer Training.

An effective company's future relies on just how well this group of lodge Officers interact to give Masonic Officer training. In business globe, a company is developed around Head of states, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Regional Managers, Supervisors and also Employees.

Each placement plays a fundamental part in order for the company to be successful as well as effective.

Essentially, the Masonic Lodge Officer obligations and also Masonic Officer Educating framework, similar to their equivalents in business globe, carry the Lodge Officer Duties that makes a lodge effective.

Masonic Lodge Progressive Line: Lodge Administration belong to a "modern line", which is additionally called "experiencing the chairs" ... or as the Masonic Officer Chairs. This line of sequence goes up one placement at once from one year to the following.

If no person asks to "get out of line" for any type of factor, 7 years from the moment of ending up being Junior Guardian, the Master Mason will certainly come to the chair of the Worshipful Master.

The development is as complies with: Junior Guardian, Elder Guardian, Junior Deacon, Elder Deacon, Junior Warden, Elder Warden ... and after that Worshipful Master. The dynamic line is made use of in the USA as well as in several various other territories, also.

Lodge Elections: In the Masonic Lodge, the leading 5 Lodge Administration are (in this order) the Worshipful Master, the Elderly Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and also Assistant are chosen by the Lodge participants at their yearly political elections.

Generally each setting is loaded for one year, nevertheless they might be re-elected to the very same placement relying on the scenario. Lodge political elections are executed using a Masonic Tally Box.

Masonic Lodge Officer Duties For Their Term in Workplace: 1 Year

Designated Lodge Officer Positions: The various other Officers, that include the Elderly Deacon, Junior Deacon, Elder Guardian, Junior Guardian, Marshal, Tiler and also Pastor are designated settings by the Worshipful Master. Various other participants of the Masonic Lodge might be gotten in touch with to offer on any one of the various boards by the Worshipful Master.

Lodge Officer Duties and also Labels: The tasks, as well as names of the officers, are drawn from older customs going back to the middle ages stonemasons' guilds.

Masonic Lodge Jewels:

In England in the 1400s, under the regime of King Edward III, neighborhood (city) federal governments outgrew the seller as well as craft sectors in each city or community. After a personnel Master stonemason developed his "Master's Item" to the complete satisfaction of the Master of his craft, or guild, he was thought about a "Master Mason".

Heads of the guilds came to be heads of their community councils, mayors, constables, and so on. Throughout this time around, among the methods which regional authorities declared his ranking was by using a badge of the workplace, or jewel, on a chain around his neck. The technique is still in operation today in England.

If you have actually ever before seen an event in which a Lord Mayor (routine mayor in the USA) participates in an official bow reducing occasion, you would certainly see an elaborate locket which is the medallion, trademark of his workplace, around his neck. Masonic Lodge Administrations rollover this old guild practice, today, in the kind of the symbolic "jewels" of their workplaces.


Masonic Officer Chairs
as well as
Masonic Officer Duties


Masonic Lodge Officer Jewels
The Worshipful Masters Jewel

Worshipful Master-- Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Square, which is a stonemason's device to identify real as well as right angles of the cut as well as smoothed rock ... hence his jewel represents merit.

The Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge is the greatest position of all Lodge Officers which a Lodge might choose.

The Worshipful Master beings in the East of the Lodge area (symbolic of the Increasing Sunlight in the East) as well as guides every one of business of the Lodge. Keep in mind: Also if the structure deals with various instructions, the Master is stated to be "in the East". He likewise supervises the routine and also events.

His setting resembles a Head of state of any kind of various other company. As Master, his word is last over any type of and also all activities relating to his Lodge.

It is his obligation to
" Establish the Craft to function as well as provide a wholesome guideline for their labor".

While the Worshipful Master's ranking is greatest of all participants, his Lodge Officer Tasks are the simplest to keep in mind.

The Worshipful Master is accountable for each and every single point within his lodge throughout his year as Master. He is inevitably in charge of every various other lodge Officer and also their obligations, every lodge board, routine as well as a level job, Masonic education and learning, functions, charity events, Area as well as Grand Lodge intermediary, Trestle Board interaction, and so on

. All eyes are upon the Master. If lodge features go efficiently, it is the Master that takes the credit score. If lodge features go awry, it is the Master that births the blame. As a result, the Master puts on numerous hats.

It is his task to supervise company conferences, the conferral of levels, as well as the delegation of tasks to all various other Lodge Administrations.

While Freemasons call the Master, "Worshipful Master", they do not, as some individuals might incorrectly think, in fact, praise him. "Worshipful" is an honorary title which lionizes for his setting. In France, words "Worshipful" is changed with words "Age-old".

It is no various than valuing the work of our Head of state of the USA. He would certainly be resolved, officially, as "Mr. Head of State" as opposed to by his given name. Furthermore, if you precede a court, you would certainly resolve him as "Your Honor", instead of by his given name, as an action of regard that you hold for his workplace.


Sr. Warden
Lodge Officer Senior Warden Jewel

Senior Warden - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Level ... signifying that all Masons meet on the level, regardless of social, political or religions or standing.

The Senior Warden of a Masonic Lodge is the 2nd in command within the Lodge Administrations.

In the lack of the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden presumes the Worshipful Master's obligations. The Senior Warden of a Masonic Lodge beings in the West (symbolic of the setup sunlight) and also aids the Worshipful Master in opening and also shutting the Lodge.

The Senior Warden supervises of the Lodge when it goes to labor. His setting resembles a Vice-President of any type of company.

His old tasks were to pay the Craft (the participants of the guild) their salaries as well as to manage conflicts amongst the employees. It is his responsibility to sustain the Master and also to prepare himself for that workplace throughout the list below year.


Jr. Warden
Lodge Officer's Junior Warden Jewel

Junior Warden - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel of Workplace is the Plumb, ... which is a stonemason's tool made use of for identifying the positioning of an upright surface area.

It represents upright actions amongst Masons.

The Junior Warden of a Masonic Lodge is the 3rd in command of the Lodge. The Junior Warden beings in the South (symbolic of the placement of the sunlight at noontime) as well as is in charge of the Brethren while the Lodge is at simplicity or beverage.

His placement resembles a 2nd Vice-President. The Junior Warden, also, might open up the lodge if the Master is incapable to participate in the conference.

It is the Junior Warden's responsibility to organize dishes for the lodge, and also, commonly, the 2 Guardians work as his aides in this obligation.

Symbolically, it is likewise his obligation to make sure that the participants do not transform their drink right into intemperance or extra. This is a holdover from earlier days, which still stays as a component of the Junior Warden's task summary, although in a lot of UNITED STATE territories, alcohol is prevented from the lodge.

Which Administration Can Open Up the Lodge? The Master, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden or a Past Master.


Sr. Deacon
Senior Deacon Jewel of Office

Senior Deacon - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Square as well as Compass with the Sunlight between. The sunlight symbolizes that his setting gets on the reduced degree, to the right of the Worshipful Master in the eastern.

His responsibility is as a carrier of the Worshipful Master, therefore he does a great deal of strolling.

The Senior Deacon of a Masonic Lodge is an assistant Officer of the Lodge. The Senior Deacon's concept duties are to invite and also companion both site visitors as well as prospects right into the lodge as well as present recognized site visitors.

It is his responsibility to help the Worshipful Master as well as bring orders in between the Worshipful Master and also the Senior Warden. Throughout level routines, he overviews the brand-new prospect as well as performs him around the lodge area.

Throughout the opening and also closing events, the Senior Deacon opens up the Holy Scriptures to the appropriate flow of the level being functioned as well as shuts it after the lodge is adjourned. He additionally lights and also snuffs out the candle lights at the church.

In some lodges, he brings the tally box around the lodge when brand-new participants are being elected upon.

The Senior Deacon's placement resembles a Supervisor. The Senior Deacon (as well as the Junior Deacon) both bring lengthy personnels (or poles), due to the fact that as carriers of the Worshipful Master, the teams are symbolic of the caduceus (or stick) that the Roman winged god and also carrier Mercury brought throughout their responsibilities. Atop the poles are the jewels of their workplaces.


Jr. Deacon
Lodge Officer's Junior Deacon Jewel

Junior Deacon - Lodge Officer Duties:

Like his Senior equivalent, the Senior Deacon, the jewel of his workplace is the Square as well as Compass, nonetheless the Junior Deacon's Square, as well as Compass, has a moon in the facility (instead of a sunlight), which indicates that he remains in the West.

The Junior Deacon of a Masonic Lodge is an assistant Officer of the Lodge. He rests to the reduced right of the Senior Warden.

The Junior Deacon's concept functions are to aid the Senior Warden by logging messages from the Senior Warden in the West to the Junior Warden in the South as well as to safeguard the internal door of the Lodge.

It is his responsibility to determine in any way times whether the Tiler is protecting the door as well as just enabling site visitors to go into after they have actually been correctly guaranteed. The Junior Deacon, as well as the Tiler, connect with each various other by knocking on the door (the Tiler from the exterior ... as well as the Junior Deacon from the within).

Some territories divided this setting right into 2 placements ... that of the Junior Deacon as well as the Inner Guard.

The Junior Warden's duties is similar to a Supervisor.


Sr. Steward
Lodge Officer Senior Steward Jewel

Senior Steward - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Cornucopia, which is a mirror image of the Junior Guardian's Cornucopia. The Cornucopia indicates the "Horn of Lots". It is a goat horn full of the fresh vegetables and fruits to signify the "fruits of your labors" as well as stands for a task well done.

The Senior Guardian of a Masonic Lodge is an assigned Officer of the Lodge.

The Senior Guardian is charged to understudy the Junior Deacon's placement as well as substitute the Junior Deacon when lacking.

The Junior Deacon's concept function is to prepare the prospects throughout routine as well as companion them to the lodge space and also help the Senior Deacon. In their access Officer placements, both the Senior and also Junior Stewards commonly take care of kitchen area obligations and also the wait team for the participants.

The Senior Guardian's placement resembles that of a Manager.


Jr. Steward
Junior Steward Lodge Officer Jewel

Junior Steward - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Cornucopia, which is a mirror image to the Senior Guardian's Cornucopia. The Cornucopia symbolizes the "Horn of Lots".

It is a goat horn loaded with the "fruits of your labors" and also stands for a task well done.

The Junior Guardian of a Masonic Lodge is a selected Officer of the Lodge.

The Junior Guardian is charged to understudy the Senior Guardian setting and also substitute the Senior Guardian in his lack. The Junior Guardian's concept duty is to help the Senior Guardian and also the Senior Deacon in the prep work of the Prospects.

Both the Senior as well as Junior Stewards lug poles, atop which are the jewels of their workplaces. The poles stand for England's Lord High Guardian's pole in your home of Lords.

The Junior Guardian setting resembles that of a Manager.



The following officers do not usually move in the progressive line.

Often times they have actually currently advanced with all the chairs as well as select to offer their lodge in various settings. Treasurers, as well as Secretaries, usually offer their lodge in their particular settings for several years.

Connection in these placements is essential to a well-run and also effective lodge. Educating requires time and also if these Officer placements transformed every year, economic and also bookkeeping disorder would certainly take place.


Lodge Treasurer Jewel of Office

Treasurer - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is a Set of Crossed Keys, representing he is the Collection agency as well as Supplier of all Lodge Monies as he holds the tricks to the cashbox.

The Treasurer of a Masonic Lodge is the Principal Financial Officer of the Lodge. He rests to the right of the Master as well as behind the Senior Deacon.

The Treasurer is in charge of all monetary purchases. He gets all loan, pays all financial obligations by order of the Worshipful Master with the permission of the lodge and also makes a record when asked for.

The treasurer does not require to be in belongings of an audit level, nonetheless, experience with accounting and also audit is a property. Financial accounting purchases might be done either by hand or by the use accountancy software program.

The Treasurer's responsibilities can be compared to a company C.F.O. (Principal Financial Officer).


Lodge Secretary Jewel of Office

Secretary - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Cross Quill Pens. The Secretary is the Lodge's Recorder.

The Secretary's Lodge Officer Obligations need a high level of lodge experience, Masonic expertise, diplomacy as well as, most of all, thorough documents abilities. The Lodge Secretary is the foundation of any type of Masonic Lodge as well as he holds a setting of excellent obligation. He rests to the left of the Master.

His responsibilities need him to deal with all document to the participants, mins of Lodge conferences, requests of brand-new prospects, continual lodge participant matter, as well as lots of various other obligations. He assembles a continuous listing of each brand-new prospect and also which levels that prospect has actually embarked on. From his participant checklist, he sends the yearly charges notifications and also obtains fees repayments.

He connects with various other Lodges as well as the Grand Lodge, kinds letters, recovers the mail in addition to takes care of numerous various other information.

The Secretary Lodge Officer obligations are several, not the least of which is that he should be well versed in Grand Lodge By-Laws for his territory and also his Lodge By-Laws. He maintains the checklist of Lodge participants as well as assists the Master arranges his conferences.

An extremely seasoned participant generally lives in this chair ... often times he is a Past Master of the Lodge. While it is not a requirement, because of the variety of hrs that this setting calls for, a lot of (not all) Lodge Secretaries are retired as well, as a result, able to commit the number of hours needed which are required to this placement.

The Secretary's duties resembles that of a corporate C.O.O., (Chief Operation Officer).


Lodge Officer's Marshal Jewel

Marshal - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Cross Batons. The Marshal is the Lodge's Conductor or Master of Ceremonies.

The Marshal of a Masonic Lodge is an assigned Officer of the Lodge. The Marshal remains in some territories the "Supervisor of Ceremonies".

The Marshal's obligations and also concept duty is the company of processions and also guaranteeing the right priority as well as rules in official procedures. It is his responsibility to officially carry out site visitors right into the lodge as well as present them to the participants when the lodge is in session.

The Marshal's placement resembles that of a Manager.


Outer Guard
Lodge Officer Tiler Jewel of Office

Tiler - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel is the Sword, through which he symbolically rejects entry to any person that is inexperienced in the Craft. The sword has no scabbard, as it is his symbolic obligation to constantly have his sword attracted, all set for the protection of his article.

The Tiler (or Tyler) of a Masonic Lodge is an assigned Officer of the Lodge as well as is occasionally referred to as the "Outer Guard". He rests outside the shut door of the lodge space, equipped with a sword.

The Tiler's obligations and also concept function is to make sure that just those that are properly certified are enabled to go into the Lodge Area. He defends against cowans and also eavesdroppers. Throughout the Center Ages, a cowan was a guy that developed rock wall surfaces mediocre. He was an unaware or non-apprenticed stonemason ... a "jackleg", if you will.

While the Tiler is occasionally contacted to help in the prep work of prospects, his principal responsibility is to (symbolically) maintain inexperienced workers from hearing the discussion within the Lodge Space.

After the lodge participants are inside the Lodge Space, the door shuts and also it is the Tiler's task to determine whether late arrivals might go into. It is likewise his obligation to make certain that each site visitor is "correctly outfitted", which suggests they should be using their Masonic apron.

To be totally and also effectively clothed prior to entry right into the Lodge Area, the site visitor needs to be using their apron over the top (or outside) of their fit layer (never ever under their layer) and also the apron strings should be totally connected prior to the Tiler will certainly permit the site visitor entry. Some territories call this placement the Outer Guard.

The Tiler's placement resembles that of a Manager.


Chaplain Lodge Officer Jewel

Chaplain - Lodge Officer Duties:

His jewel of workplace is an opened up book, representing the Quantity of Sacred Legislation (the Christian Scriptures, Hebrew Torah or Tanach, the Muslim Qur' and, the Hindu Vedas or various other Divine Publications).

The Pastor of a Masonic Lodge is a selected Officer of the Lodge. He rests to the left of the Master.

The Pastor is the spiritual leader of the Lodge. While he might or might not be a real-world Preacher, Clergyman, Rabbi or Imam, ... in the lodge, the Pastor is in charge of non-denominational petitions at both the opening and also closing of conferences, throughout level routine events as well as prior to dishes. The majority of Pastors have no spiritual training and also petitions are non-denominational.

The Pastor's setting resembles that of a Manager.